Superior Quality

Ompile’s policy is to produce the most exquisite piece of velvet you have ever seen. Superior Quality and technical sophistication distinguish our mill. Integrated technology enables us to uphold the highest professional standards in the industry. We follow the international 4 Point system in piece grading. Every Process of manufacturing is tightly monitored and controlled to the minimum effect on the environment.

Innovative Designs

Design is all about possibility. Knowing what the looms can do – yarn structure – weave construction – the play of light on finely woven textile – texture, movement, resilience, strength. These are all factors attributable to design. We collaborate with the finest designers, artists, and converters globally to understand fashion trend and develop designs that are cutting edge.

Vibrant Colors

Our fabrics are piece dyed to order. Provided with a reference, we can match every color imaginable. The infallible eye of our mater dyer, as well as color matching equipment guarantees accuracy. Our comprehensive color archive extends the lifespan of all Om Pile’s textiles, ensuring a color match with each successive run. Our color range varies based on the fabric’s destination. The color in vogue are different from St. Petersburg to Milan to Rio de Janeiro.

The Ompile Story

Velvet is a luxurious fabric with a history that dates back thousands of years. In many ages and cultures, velvet was a highly prized textile which symbolized wealth, power and prestige.

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